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Player Information
Player Name Vincent Ianiero
Graduation Year 2018
Date of Birth 03/20/2000
Height 6'0"
Weight 150
Player Cell (972) 998-8446
Lacrosse Information
I'm attending the following upcoming events:

Big4HHH June 17-19 - 2018's
King of The Hill Session 2 - June 20-22 - 2017's

What other sports do you play?


Select Your C2C Team Dallas Boys 2018
Academic Information
Current School Flower Mound High School
GPA 3.40
Are you already committed to a college? No
Class Rank 50%
Contact Information
Club Name C2C
Club Coach Name Andy Garrigan
Club Coach Phone (512) 831-9983
Club Coach Email
HS Coach Name Andy Garrigan
HS Coach Phone (512) 831-9983
HS Jersey Number 15
HS Coach Email
Entry Date June 7, 2016

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